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IRISS S&C Custom Infrared View PortIf you have S&C switchgear with a 14” X 6” sight glass or Schneider / SquareD HVL switchgear with sight glass, we can quickly retrofit either with a dual visibility widow from IRISS.  The patented IRISS viewing polymer technology allows both visual AND infrared inspections through the same opening.

Regular sight glass is fine for the normal viewing light spectrum, but this glass prohibits infrared light waves from penetrating making IR inspections impossible without opening the enclosure.  Removing panel covers while gear is hot is can be risky, especially on main switchgear of this size.  Having an infrared window in that space would make more sense, wouldn’t it?

Now you can have both.

S&C Custom Example of Sight Glass Replacement with IRISS Product

IRISS’s custom window easily snaps into the space where sight glass is located on your S&C or Square D gear.  With the heightened electrical safety focused brought on by NFPA 70E related to Arc Flash Hazards, this is just one more simple step to help keep your personnel and contractors safe in your facility.  After all, OSHA’s General Duty clause puts the onus on you, the business owner, to ensure a safe workplace free of hazards.

As an authorized distributor for IRISS products with a Certified IRISS Installer on staff, PowerHawke is the easy choice to assist you with this new custom product.

Contact us today and we’ll get you scheduled to make the simple switch for your switchgear.  You’ll be on your way to increased electrical safety.