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PowerHawke’s Glove Management Program is Simple!

Are you adequately managing your employee’s glove sets right now?  Electrically protective gloves need to be tested in six month intervals.  If your employees are on different schedules, that could make it even more complex! Leave the tracking and testing up to us and get back to worrying about your other laundry list of tasks to do.  The flowchart below outlines how easy our glove management program can be.  Enroll, get an initial test, and then rotate every 6 months.  You don’t even have to worry about storing the 2nd glove set!

We bet you’re thinking, how much will this cost me??  Well, it’s actually extremely affordable to put in place an easy and effective Glove Management Program.

Check out PowerHawke’s Glove Management Calculator to get a better understanding of what costs are associated with providing your team with reliable and safe gloves.

If you’re interested in receiving a formal quote from PowerHawke or have any other questions concerning the Glove Management Program, please contact Bob O’Meara at or 860-507-8838 today.

PowerHawke & 70E Glove Management Flowchart