PowerHawke Headquarters in Farmington, CT

PowerHawke, Inc. is an experienced solutions provider for commercial electrical distribution systems.  We provide engineering, testing, and assessment solutions to ensure operational safety and efficiency for low and medium voltage systems.

Our team of professional engineers, certified field technicians, and certified safety experts bring decades of experience to a wide range of facilities covering everything from the most basic systems to today’s most complicated electrical systems.

Our service offerings include both energized and de-energized preventive maintenance, electrical engineering services, electrical safety analysis and energy conservation.   If something involves your critical power system, you can bet that PowerHawke can help.

PowerHawke has registered Professional Engineers (PE) in CT, RI, & TN.

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PowerHawke, Inc. is a respected team member of the Phalcon, Ltd. Group. Founded in 2006, Phalcon is a regional leader in utility construction, electrical contracting, industrial and energy infrastructure, and facilities services. Phalcon combines the cross platform expertise the 1200 employees of five operating companies to provide specialized combination engineering and installation expertise to our clients. Challenge us to listen, learn, analyze, and create a unique solution for you.

PowerHawke, Inc. was incorporated in May 2012 and was previously considered a division of McPhee Electric, Ltd.  PowerHawke services and expertise have been offered to our clientele for more than twenty years.  Our sister companies under Phalcon are McPhee Electric in Farmington, CT,  JBL Electric in New Jersey, JE Richards in Maryland, and Harlan Electric in Tennessee.  PowerHawke currently offers service in the New England Area as well as the Greater Nashville area though PowerHawke by Harlan.