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Robert Shepherd, RPA
Senior Property Manager – Nyala Farms, Westport, CT

I am pleased to note that the PowerHawke program we have undertaken has truly served its purpose.  Initially we discovered some hot spots and maintenance issues which were quickly taken care of by the skilled technicians performing the work. Eric Weiss and his crew have been excellent! As the program continued we found fewer problems and were comfortable our plan and program was insuring reliable electric service to our tenants. True to the intent of the program an issue was subsequently found with the ground fault circuit on our main switch gear. This was also repaired and some potential obvious damage was averted. I can only recommend to everyone: “It is better to find something bad and repair it than find it doesn’t work when you need it”.

Robert Henry
Facilities Director – Purdue Pharma, Stamford, CT

“The only way to really know what’s going on in those boxes is to open them up and let the experts take a look. My PowerHawke technicians look for safety as well as reliability issues in my systems. They really know my building”