NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, was revised in 2013 to specify the use of colorcoded labels that show at a glance the maintenance status of every piece of equipment.


NFPA 70B 11.27.1

“After a piece of electrical equipment or device is tested and/or calibrated, a color-coded decal should be attached on the exterior enclosure to that particular equipment. The decal should include the following: (1) date of test or calibration, (2) person or outside company who performed the testing or calibration, (3) color coding indicating the service classification as described in 11.27.3.”

Nonserviceable LabelNonserviceable

• Device has a problem detrimental to its proper electrical or mechanical operation such as no trip on one or more phases or high contact resistance readings
• Device should not be in service


Limited Service Label

Limited service

• Device has a minor problem such as slightly lower than acceptable insulation resistance readings or chipped arc chute
• Does not impact equipment serviceability but should be fixed as soon as possible


Serviceable LabelServiceable

• Device is electrically and mechanically sound and suitable for service
• May have some minor defects such as slight corrosion or incorrect circuit ID


When you approach a piece of electrical equipment, do not assume that a white label ensures it is safe. You must still take all the necessary  precautions you would for equipment without a label. Even a perfectly functioning piece of equipment can develop problems at any time.

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