How often you test is as important as how well you test.

Of course, the ideal testing frequency depends on many factors, including the age of the equipment, the manufacturer’s recommendations, the environment, the duty cycle, the load conditions and how critical a particular piece of equipment is. But NFPA 70B recommends testing frequencies that can help simplify your decisions about when to test.

Recommended Electrical Equipment Maintenance from NFPA 70B2013 Table L.1

Item or Equipment Task or Function Interval
Air circuit breakers, low voltage visual inspection/cleaning/ adjustment annually
electrical tests 3 years
Fuses, 1000 volts or less visual Inspection 3 years
clip contact pressure check 3 years
cleaning contact surfaces 3 years
Busway, 600 volts or less infrared scanning annually
visual inspection annually
electrical tests 2 years
Molded case circuit breakers visual inspection/cleaning 3 years
mechanical test 2 years
electrical tests 3-5 years
Motor control equipment infrared scanning annually
visual inspection/cleaning annually
checking connections for tightness/proper torque 2 years
electrical tests 2 years
Stationary batteries and chargers visual inspection/cleaning monthly
infrared scanning annually
Switchgear assemblies infrared scanning annually
visual inspection 6 months
electrical insulation tests 2 years
dry type
visual inspection/cleaning/testing 2 years
Transformers, liquid filled liquid/dissolved gas analysis annually
insulation test 3-5 years
turns-ratio test 3-5 years
Uninterruptible power supply systems infrared scanning annually
visual inspection quarterly
routine maintenance 6 months
system tests 2 years

This is a selected subset of equipment around which we most frequently build maintenance programs for our customers. The full table can be found in Annex L of NFPA 70B 2013.

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