Here’s what some of our previous attendees had to say about our 70E Seminar:

“NFPA 70E is important to us all. We as those connected to the industry must understand our responsibilities. Attending training by PowerHawke is a first step in compliance. They have done a fantastic job for our facility.” – Robert Shepard, Property Manager in Southern CT

“Michael Wright clearly spoke from the heart on safety. Using his years of frontline experience as an electrician, Michael expertly and passionately guided the session, stepping through technical material in an easy to digest, informative way. I couldn’t be more pleased with the value from the session.” – Jeff Hugabonne of CBS Radio

“After attending this event I have a better understanding of what levels of PPE is required and that the labels on the equipment are there for a reason. Safety is not an accident and should not be taken for granted.” – Joe Carasone of McPhee Electric

“This class was not only very well organized but the instructor presented the material in a very logical and clear method. He was especially good at proving examples and clarifying some of the vague definitions.” – Thomas Reel, SAIC

“PowerHawke is a great resource for industry related training. The instructors are extremely knowledgable, the information and presentations are very informative.” – David St. Amant, Jones Lang LaSalle

“I had not realized how dangerous it was to work on energized equipment until I received this instruction.  The instructor was incredible.” – Mike Vorndran of Triumph Group

“Great interaction and dialog with all participants. Everything was done to a very high standard, the training, the meals provided, the location and conference room.” – Timothy Lovell of Jones Lang LaSalle