What You Need To Know About Arc Flash Labels

Understand the Arc Flash section of the label:

Arc Flash LabelArc Flash Boundary = distance within which a person could receive a 2nd degree burn if an arc flash were to occur
Incident Energy = the energy of an arc flash at 18 inches if one were to occur
PPE = Personal Protective Equipment needed to protect a person working within the arc flash boundary if an arc flash were to occur

Understand the Shock Hazard section of the label:

Shock Hazard Label

kV = system voltage(0.48 = 480V)
Limited = distance from an exposed electrical part where a shock hazard exists
Restricted = increased risk of shock due to an electrical arc from a conductor or part

Understand the Boundaries Outlined:

Boundary Graphic

The workspace and its safety boundaries MUST be defined to avoid energized components which includes flash protection area, restricted area and prohibited area where circuits and/or conductors are located.

REMEMBER: Working on arc equipment and circuits MUST be done ONLY after equipment has been de-energized. An arc flash hazard analysis will help you keep your workspace safe.


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