Our glove management program can eliminate the headaches of managing your glove testing program.

OSHA standards (1910.137) provide the design requirements and in-service care and use requirements for electrical-insulating gloves and sleeves.  Before gloves can be issued, they must be tested.  Then, gloves and sleeves must have regular testing per 1910.137(b)(2). OSHA requires that “protective equipment be maintained in a safe, reliable condition.”  Therefore, gloves and sleeves should be inspected for damage before each day’s use and immediately following an incident that may have caused damage.

Regular Testing Requirements

  • Rubber Gloves are to be dielectrically tested every 6 months.
  • Rubber Sleeves are to be dielectrically tested every 12 months.

PowerHawke can assist you in setting up a rotational glove management program for your electrical workers as rubber gloves can be their most important articles of personal protection.  You won’t have to keep track of expiration dates, storage of spare gloves, or what to do if gloves aren’t fit for service.  We’ll take care of everything so you can get back to working on what’s important: your business.

PowerHawke has partnered with 70E Solutions to provide this service.  Check out their video on the process and why you should consider implementing a very affordable glove management program, then give us a call to discuss your personalized needs.

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