Wondering how much a glove management program might cost your company?

Use our calculator form below to get a free estimate of your start-up and annual fees based on the number of glove sets you need.  We provide pricing for new glove sets based on Class 00 gloves in this calculator for a representative price, but can provide Class 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 upon request.  Keepers and canvas storage bags are also available.

Interested in receiving a formal quote, or have questions about starting your program? Contact Bob O’Meara at bobo@powerhawke.com or 860-507-8838 today.


*The PowerHawke Glove Management Calculator only provides an estimate of your future glove management program costs.  The estimate shown above is non-binding between you and PowerHawke, Inc. Here’s how the calculator works:

  1. You provide the correct information.
  2. Assumptions are made based on your information.
  3. A formal quote from a PowerHawke Account Manager takes precedent.