Infrared inspection is the most common energized service. Our master electricians also check for code violations at no interuption to your daily business processes.Like any other system, your electrical system should have regular maintenance to ensure maximum up-time and prevent business interruptions. Additionally, regular electrical maintenance can increase the safety of your employees and buildings.   When your electrical equipment is properly maintained, it will only need a little attention to continue running for many, many years.  A ‘run to fail’ mentality can turn into a ‘fail to run’ disaster for your facility.

You can rely on our team of electrical professionals to service and maintain your facility to the highest level of excellence.

Why perform energized maintenance?

  • Gain insight on your electrical distribution system.
  • There’s no interruption to ‘business as usual’.  Scans are performed during regular business hours giving you the most accurate depiction of strain on your gear from its everyday load.
  • Discover National Electric Code violations in your system – Our licensed electricians are on the lookout for any issues.
  • Proactively schedule outages to repair anomalies with the least interruption to your business process.
  • Bottom line: keep your employees, and your electrical system, SAFE.

What else should I do for maintenance?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of de-energizing your system on a regular basis, however we understand the time and budget constraints many companies face today and the difficulty to coordinate de-energized shutdowns. For best system reliability and performance, the energized services we offer should be included as part of a proactive preventative maintenance plan that includes both energized and de-energized testing.

Our energized offerings include:

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