PowerHawke is an authorized distributor for IRISS Infrared Viewing Windows and Ultrasonic Ports.  Learn more about their products on our IRISS page.

Infrared Viewing Windows help with arc flash mitigation and ultimately serve as a risk management device. Infrared Windows incorporate a specialty lens which allows infrared wavelengths to be transmitted. The end result is the ability to capture infrared wavelength on the window and interpret it with thermal imagers. Infrared windows can be installed on all electrical distribution systems to allow viewing of components inside, without exposing the viewer to any risks and without de-energizing your system. The windows allow an IR inspection to be completed live, safely, and with no interruption to process.

Infrared WindowThe use of infrared windows has been growing with major supporters including OSHA, NFPA, and NETA. Infrared windows allow infrared radiation to transmit to the outside environment safely. The window separates environments based upon pressures and temperatures, while allowing energy at a certain wavelength to pass between the two environments. Installation of infrared windows helps you adhere to standard compliance, increase safety, save money, manage data, and decrease risks to your company.

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First and foremost, IR Windows remove the risks associated with live inspections by maintaining a separation between the thermographer and energized components. Certified technicians can conduct the inspection while leaving the panel covers and doors closed, thus not exposing the thermographer to energized conductors and circuit parts.  This way of conducting an infrared inspection removes 99% of the triggers of Arc Flash incidents while improving electrical safety.

IR Viewing Windows also promote efficiency and cost savings.  They enable inspection to be completed with one thermographer, reducing the traditionally high manpower costs. Using infrared windows has been show to eliminate over 90% of the time involved with inspections by allowing the work of the thermographer to be safer, faster, and more accurate.

Regular preventative maintenance reduces the risk of equipment failure. Infrared thermography has become a reputable method for inspecting live electrical equipment. Ultimately infrared windows help companies save time and money, and increase the safety of their employees while still maintaining a regular preventative maintenance program.

PowerHawke installed 50 IRISS windows at Mohegan Sun.  Read the case study by clicking here.  Also, more recently, we installed IRISS windows in the switchgear at the Hartford Insurance Group in Windsor, CT.  Learn more here.