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Infrared windows from IRISS will enable thermographers to survey critical electrical applications more efficiently and much safer than before. PowerHawke is an authorized distributor for IRISS infrared windows because they complement our preventative maintenance and service offerings.  Infrared windows can decrease the time needed to conduct an infrared and visual inspection and increase the safety of your employees (and ours too!).  Contact us if you are interested in learning more or would like pricing information.

Why Use an Infrared Window?

  • 10 Things Button BannerSafety – Perform IR scans without opening enclosures – virtually eliminating arc flash hazards.
  • Speed – Scan a panel in 5 minutes, not 30 minutes. No panel cover removal/replacement needed.
  • Productivity – NFPA 70E compliant and safe inspections in a fraction of the time. Inspect more often, on your schedule – with instant access.

IRISS is a UL508 approved manufacturer, and as a result they customize our infrared windows to accommodate the most difficult applications for our customers.  IRISS works closely with OEMs through customizing panels, infrared windows, and private labeling our products for their specific needs.



PowerHawke is pleased to have an IRISS Certified Installer on staff.  Craig Szubka underwent intensive training in June 2013 to be certified as an IRISS installer. 
A Certified Installer is trained to find the best installation points to increase visibility and efficiency during future scans.


IRISS has a large product line including round, rectangular, and custom sized windows.
Click below to learn about each of IRISS Products.

IRISS Products