IRISS Infrared Windows

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VP Series Windows

VP series infrared windows offer you, the end user, the ability to eliminate the risks associated with IR electrical inspection by providing your company with a non-invasive closed panel inspection methodology. The original VPFR series is the first impact-resistant infrared window. The VPFC series are round windows for short wave, mid wave, and visual inspection utilizing Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) coating. The VP-12-US is an ultrasonic inspection window. The VP-12-IR is the smallest infrared window, designed to fit in tight spaces.

Platinum Series Windows

Need a clear infrared window with an unlimited lifetime warranty? The Platinum Series features the world’s first clear, impact resistant, polymer infrared window for electrical inspection safety. Platinum windows come in round, VPT series, or rectangular CAP-T series.

Cap Series Windows

Creative solutions to give you visibility into applications that you may not have been able to access previously. CAP series windows come in rectangular shapes in three styles. The CAP are rectangular windows, the CAP-V add on a viewing panel, and the CAP-VIZ are viewing panels.

Custom Solutions

IRISS can provide custom window solutions. PowerHawke has ordered custom sizing to meet our customer’s varied needs. Learn more here.

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Watch an IRISS window being used for an infrared inspection in this video: