The purpose of a successful electric motor system maintenance and management program is to improve equipment readiness and uptime while reducing capital overhead. This program consists of particular maintenance and management tools designed to aid the maintenance engineer in electric motor systems and their care.

There are really only four reasons to consider a motor analysis program for your business. If one or more of these are important to you, then we think there is real opportunity for you.

1. Predictive Maintenance

  • Electrically Related Motor Failures Pie ChartIf the cost to your business going down due to a critical system or process motor failure is high, then we can help give you the insight to make good decisions about the proper timing of investments to replace or rewind motors that are critical to your operations. What are your economics of failure?
    • A substantial portion of motor failures are electrically related
    • It really comes down to a “Run to Fail” vs. “Run to Replace” philosophy – you believe one or the other.
    • Preventive maintenance is important, but predictive technology offers a favorable alternative — a less costly and more efficient method of diagnosis that could make the difference in a motor’s lifespan and its efficiency.

Learn more about PowerHawke’s Predictive Motor Maintenance Offering and Tests


2. Commissioning and verification

  • If you need a 3rd party to validate the condition of both new and rewound motors, then we can quickly assess the key characteristics of the motor to insure you are getting what you think you are getting.
    • Quality control verifies the manufactured or repair motor meets specification or baseline integrity upon receipt.
    • Not all motor shops have the capabilities to insure all reasonable diagnostic testing is done before returning the motor for operation.

3. Energy Efficiency

  • Efficiency Gain GraphicIf the cost to operate motors in your business is substantial, the efficiency perspective can help give you the insight to make good decisions about the proper timing of investments to replace motors that are critical to your operations.
  • Some basic facts:
    • Older motors are less efficient
    • Oversized motors are less efficient
    • Energy is the single largest lifecycle cost
    • Nameplate efficiency calculations can produce erroneous ROI’s
    • Rewinding can often result in 1%-2% efficiency degrade
  • Premium motor paybacks under 2 years (50% ROI) can typically be had for older motors that have high run hours and/or rewind situations.

4. Troubleshooting

  • If the cost to your business using a trial and error method of troubleshooting is unacceptable, then we can help give you the insight to make good decisions about the exact cause of problems, or at least a greatly narrowed list of possibilities.
    1. Test your electric motors in both an energized and de-energized state and provides 15 separate diagnostic tests to help determine the health of each motor.
    2. A 15-30 minute test can eliminate many possible problems and help pinpoint the true case and likely remedy.
    3. Recent attention by OSHA on the topic of electrical safety and arc flash demand a much more diligent approach during troubleshooting of energized components. Our technicians are trained and bring the latest safety equipment and procedures to insure your risk remains low.