PowerHawke PdMA includes Predictive Motor Analysis test set of six potential fault zones: power circuit, power quality, insulation, stator, rotor, and air gap. Each motor fault zone is categorized after each test. Color codes enable quick identification of potential problems. Further analysis of data allows for the definition of problems and isolation of the root cause for each potential motor failure.

 Each motor is evaluated for:

  • Incoming Power Quality for distortion or harmonic content that exceeds IEEE limits;
  • Cables and Power Circuit to verify the severity of a high resistance connection;
  • Ground Insulation for deterioration;
  • Stator turn insulation for shorts/opens;
  • Rotor cage for breaks and shorted iron;
  • Air Gap for non-symmetry or eccentricity.

During this annual motor predictive maintenance program we will visually inspect each motor and perform the battery of tests. At the conclusion of each visit, we will provide you with:

  • MCE Max Fault Zone AnalysisA complete motor listing;
  • A proposal to remedy impending failures (if required and desired);
  • A complete narrative report – hard copy & electronic;
  • Documentation of any motor electrical safety or code deficiencies.

A Fault Zone Report for each motor that includes motor health factors in the following areas:

  • Power Circuit (E)
  • Power Quality (B)
  • Insulation (D)
  • Stator (B)
  • Rotor (B)
  • Air Gap (B)

(E) = Energized           (D) = Deenergized      (B) = Both energized and deenergized