PowerHawke offers predictive motor maintenance using PdMA’s MCEMax® through our PowerHawke PdMA program. The comprehensive tester monitors all potential fault zones and provides immediate notification of alarming conditions. The unique static and dynamic operation enables MCEMAX® to be utilized on all applications and motors regardless of size, type, or condition. This tester combines the accuracy of motor circuit analysis with the convenience of motor power analysis.

The PdMA technology can deliver improved business results through better condition monitoring practices that reduce unscheduled downtime practices for operational optimization, better direction and control of the money being spent with motor repair suppliers, and the capture of potentially significant energy savings.

Benefits of Predictive Motor MaintenanceBenefits of PdMA
What shortens a motor’s life?What Shortens A Motors Life

Motor maintenance budgets can be reduced drastically by implementing a properly run motor maintenance program.  This predictive program will allow you to see most all of the failures coming long before they have a chance to become catastrophic.

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