6 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Power Outage

High Voltage Transmission Lines

August 19, 2014 | Posted in PowerHawke News | By

We’re entering the season of unpredictable weather and that could be costly for your business operations.   Whether its a hurricane or a blizzard or just a brown-out, power outages are becoming more common.   So, what happens if the power goes

Be Prepared for the Next Storm

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There is no doubt Connecticut has been hit very hard with storms in the last two years. From Irene in August 2011 to Blizzard Nemo this past February, we all have learned what it’s like to be without power and

Know the capabilities and limits of your critical power system.

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  Visual tests and assumptions based on historical experience don’t assure that your critical power system is operating at top performance. De-energized electrical testing is the only way to know that key components of your critical power system are functioning

PowerHawke Article Published in the New England Real Estate Journal

March 10, 2010 | Posted in PowerHawke News | By

“Over the years, we’ve seen case after case where business disasters could have been avoided or severely lessened if only some simple PM measures had been put into place.”