8 Reasons to Choose Infrared Windows


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PowerHawke is an authorized distributor for IRISS Infrared Windows.  IRISS windows are the first of their kind and are an excellent, high quality product to increase the ease of maintenance and safety of your personnel.  Our favorite windows are the

Schedule Your Infrared Inspections

IR Circuit Hot Spot

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Spring has sprung! That means it’s time to schedule your annual infrared inspection for your electrical distribution system.  The best time to have your inspection is when your system is under the most stress, which often occurs in the hot

Infrared Windows

Infrared Window

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Infrared Viewing Windows help with arc flash mitigation and ultimately serve as a risk management device. Infrared Windows incorporate a specialty lens which allows infrared wavelengths to be transmitted. The end result is the ability to capture infrared wavelength on

Infrared Thermography

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Infrared thermography is widely accepted as one of the most comprehensive analysis tools available in the electrical industry… so what is it?    Download this entry as a white paper.   Infrared (IR) light is located on the electromagnetic spectrum